Wednesday, October 21, 2009

defective or deranged?

With the flu sweeping through our family...togetherness was seriously overrated last week. I know the children didn't feel good and they weren't trying to drive me insane, but regardless of their intentions- I was nearing the breaking point.

Here's how one lovely afternoon went.

I was sitting in the living room reading a book. The house was picked up, children fed, laundry done- and now it was nap time aka mom's reading time. I must not have been paying much attention to Pucca and her requests, because I mistakenly told them they could all nap together down in the play room. The play room is directly below the living room- you can hear everything.

It started out with the usual "shhhhh- I'm trying to sleep!" "Quit touching me- go to sleep" type bickering. Then I heard Pucca accuse Kynna of having fake boobs. I know-right!? I'm telling you- she's nuts! Kynna told her to be quiet and go to sleep. Pucca kept insisting she was stretching the truth on the actual size of her bosom-Kynna defiantly denied the crazy person. So Pucca punched the boob.

chaos broke out. Kynna started yelling "I'm telling mom!". Yelling and screaming followed them as they ran up the stairs to tattle.

"She hit the boob" whispering the last part and pointing self consciously to her chest.

"I DID NOT!" came Pucca's rebuttal in a near shrieking tone.

" ...did!"

"I did NOT hit you............ I PUNCHED you!"

I really hope fevers and cold medicine were to blame!

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