Monday, October 05, 2009

diva divine

I KNOW Pucca is a diva. A tiarra wearing princess reigning over the land of the incessantly spoiled...and its partly my fault. She's just so darn cute- so much so that its easy to overlook the annoying attitude she can sass at you. I KNOW we'll have our hands full with her!

That being's a little excerpt from the world according to Pucca.

John had asked Pucca to pick something up that had fell behind the bed. When she looked behind the bed, she saw a cobweb (her word, not mine).

"Dad, what if there's a spider back there?"

"There's no spiders, just pick it up."

"Oh and I suppose those cobwebs just made themselves then!" she counters complete with hands on hips, head shake and slight rolling of the eyes.

It would not have surprised me had she put up her hand, said "Talk to the hand!" and exited the room. (as she has been known to do in the past)

But her sweetness kicked in and she retrieved the item like she was asked...and did so without further attitude. Sugar and spice, I tell ya! Sugar and spice!


Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

Okay,l so now I'm paranoid. What's wrong with the word cobweb? or is just that a little girl who is smarter than all get out would use it? She ain't only cute, she's BRILLIANT!

Audra said...

Nothings wrong with the word cobweb- just hearing a child use it is funny. I asked her where she learned that word...her answer- "Off of cinderella, duh!"

The Brink Blog said...

What a sweetie! I can just imagine our daughters playing and being divas together! Kayin is starting to sport a little bit of the 'tude, but like you say, nothing is sweeter than those cute darn faces!