Monday, October 26, 2009

quality time

Fall break is upon us...the kids are home for nine whole days! And we're staying home this year- had to put the kabosh on the annual fall break-colorado trip. Too much going on right now, but definitely next year!

Saturday was spent sleeping in, watching the game with the girls (John went to the game with some was hard enough watching on tv...I can't imagine having to have witnessed that disaster first hand), baking banana bread and quiet reading time.

I'm so lucky the girls like to watch football...however somewhere during the second quarter my swear words kept spilling out unintentionally. The girls decided to watch a movie downstairs rather than increase their vocab with such common crude words. Probably for the fourth quarter I swear I had developed a case of was that bad! Finally, I just turned it off and headed to the kitchen to chug some dish soap in an effort to clean my dirty little mouth.

Now at this point your probably wondering...quality time?...hmmmmm...not quite seeing it!
Well, for lunch on Saturday, we had a mini tailgate. We had veggies, bottled soda and football and pumpkin shaped grilled cheese. We even spread a blanket and picnic-ed in front of the tv.

Today we spent most of the morning at the dentist office...all three had their 6 mo cleanings. But then we came home and started some fun crafty projects.

We tried this
project from

But used candy corn scrapbook paper.

We also tried this
project from

Here's Kynna working on hers

I learned three things during this craft session.
1). my kids have developed my love of scrap book paper. And I don't scrap book...its nuts.
2). I really need to get Pucca a pair of left handed scissors...poor thing had a heck of a time.
3). Kwynny really colors outside the lines (you know- thinking outside the box)....and in some cases on a completely different piece of paper

Pumpkins were the theme of the craft today...and she ended making a spider...uh huh!?

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