Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The terrible two's have nothing on the sassy sixes! Last week John and I found ourselves asking "Where did Pucca go?" Our sweet charming darling little girl seems to have gone missing- and some freaky spastic monster has taken over her body. It very well could have been the lack of interaction...she was home all week with the flu. Besides a fever and cough- she felt quite well, but still needed to be quarantined per doctor's orders.

She was bouncing off walls...literally! And the bed. and the couch.. um ya- get the picture!? She was also talking gibberish and then looking at us like WE were the crazy ones for not understanding, Then she would burst into this psychotic giggle. John and I were seriously thinking maybe we should call a priest- our daughter is possessed!

Breaking point came Saturday. Kynna and I went out side to rake up the back yard. Pucca wanted to help.This child needed some activity to burn off stored energy, so I put her in charge of sweeping the patio- it was full of leaves. Her 'little miss clean' persona kicked in and she dove right in. She did a great job- but finished a little too quickly. She still had energy to burn- so I "accidentally" dropped a bag of leaves on the patio...just in time for the wind to catch them and spread them all over. (Now this is a text book example of my childish side. She was frustrating me and has been all week and so I suppose a little bit of me wanted to turn the tables. I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to turn the kitchen sprayer on her- as she would come prancing in the kitchen, complaining to be hungry (10 minutes after a meal) or bored or annoyed at her sisters etc. But I'm sticking to the excuse that she needed more work to do to wear her out!:)

John caught me in the act. Shook his head and then smiled....he was feeling the same way.

When Pucca turned around and noticed the leaves- she put one hand on her hip, tipped her head ever so slightly, rolled her eyes and said "I suppose a servants work is never done!" She shrugged and went back to sweeping her leaves.

my oh my

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