Friday, October 09, 2009

Starting out GREAT!

watching the man, Mr. SUH

The weekend...not the game last night. Can you believe this lovely fall day!? And they say snow, tomorrow and Sunday....bummer!

John's parents weren't able to watch the game...but kindly asked if we could keep them updated. John kept telling me to call his parents with a score went something like this .

ring ring:
"Hi. Henery got a bad snap and threw it away for a safety. Mizzou 2 and we have zero. "

ring ring:
"Hi. Mizzou scored a touchdown with their gimpy quarterback running it in. we still have zero."

ring ring:
"they scored again. Mizzou now has 12. we still have zero"

At this point, I told John that I wasn't call his parents anymore. I also told his parents that I wasn't calling back unless we scored.

Well, hot digity dang, Mr. Suh! I thank you! Fourth quarter was much better to report!

It was kind of funny, because at that point all the children were in bed sleeping. And John and I kept having to tell each other to shhhh down once it got exciting. After the second interception and Halu jr. making it to the 3- we all but gave up on being quiet. Pucca came in the family room with tired sleepy eyes and asked "What's going on?"

We ignored her until the touch down was made and our lead was secure- then started cheering. She looks at us, then at the tv. "So we won? Finally, now you'll be quiet and I can get some beauty sleep!" she sasses as she drags her blanket back to her royal sleeping quarters.

John and I looked at each other and laughed.

Great football game. Beautiful Friday. So far the weekend's starting out great!

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