Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I put the kiddos to work...raking the backyard. Now this requires some 'strategerie' (pronounced stra- teej-er-ee...thanks George W Bush!)...because those of you who own a dog- know that little steaming presents can be found hiding beneath the pretty fallen leaves.

I walked through the yard twice with different scouts- just to be sure we found them all. I mean can you imagine how horrifying it would be to pick up a pile of leaves and put your hand in it- or heaven forbid jump in a pile of leaves with Emma nuggets hiding below...I mean seriously...GROSS!

And my most kids, can't resist playing in the leaves.'s pretty much how it went.

Pucca raked them

Kynna bagged them

and Kwynnie watched them..being raked and bagged by Pucca and Kynna

When we only had one pile left, the girls begged to jump in them. whatever. Frankly, I never saw the appeal...dirty crunchy leaves in your hair and clothes and unless you have a grove of trees supplying your never seem to have enough leaves to provide sufficient cushioning for jumping. You always just kind of hit the ground with a thud and think 'huh!? That wasn't as fun as I thought it would be!' And then you have to re-rake all the crumbly leaves. BUT that's just me...if they wanted to jump- then by all means jump!

Kwynnie jumped and landed on a stick. She didn't jump again.

Pucca jumped - then got mad because her nice neat pile of leaves got all messed up.

Kynna picked through the leaves to make sure there were no sticks and poo and then cautiously sat down in the leaves.

I quickly snapped a picture (the annual leaf picture). And then the leaf war began...I sooo knew that was coming!

It lasted less than sixty seconds because Pucca went into hysterics "Look at what your doing to my pile! My lovely leaf pile is a mess!" She calmed down once they were raked and bagged. We then spent the next thirty minutes pulling leaf bits out of the girls' hair. good times.

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