Friday, October 02, 2009

uh huh...sure

Today the girls and I headed over to library after school for some much needed literary therapy. The twins had book stuff for school. Pucca is into reading chapter books and wanted to show off her new super awesome reading skills. And I need a book to escape into...this trying to sell your house thing is exhausting!

Anyway... I was helping Kwynn find a non-fictional instructional book for a school assignment, when she saw a book on sewing.

"I'm in Family Consumer Science (Home Ec) this rotation- it should be interesting! I'm going to learn how to do laundry, fold clothes and sew a pillow. I'll probably be able to cook dinner when I'm done with this class!" Kwynn exclaims with an adorable look of excitement.

(I flash her the 'oh honey, I know you way better than that!' look)

Realizing I was most assuredly right, she rolls her eyes, smiles and quickly adds "Well, if I wanted to I could."

Yes dear, I'm sure you could!

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