Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter is coming EARLY

Holy cow Easter is early this year! Its sneaking right up on us!

I took the girls shopping for Easter dresses, well attempted too. Corynn had a friend over and decided playtime with friends trumps shopping with mom. So the twins and I ventured out while Evie was taking her nap and John was left supervising. I don't think I could have dragged him, begged him or bribed him to make a dress shopping trip!

So the twins and I set out. They are old enough that I basically just let them choose. I'm there for moral support and to pay.

The twins aren't picky about dresses. I mean they have their styles, but are more of the "see something I like, grab it and go" kind of shoppers. Which makes my job that much easier!

So with dresses in hand we head to the dressing rooms. On Kwynn's last dress, the dressing room door catches the back of her heal and shreds it. Blood everywhere, Kwynn's mortified and of course there are no sales people to help. I hand her a package of tissues out of my purse and go searching for assistance.

Three bandaids, medical tape and and two packages of tissues later...she hobbled out to the car before another bandage bled through. None of this surprised John when we got home. I'm starting to wonder if clumsiness is hereditary.

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