Tuesday, March 26, 2013

family weekend

Last weekend the Kelly's were together at our acreage! We celebrated Easter, Jeff and Nancy's 45th wedding anniversary and Corynn's 10th birthday! Lots of partying! :) It was a quick get together...only one night, but fun! Love having us all together and the cousins enjoying some bonding time!

friendly game of Clue (love how Ryan raises his hand when he had a question!)

Sam's bike outside...he rode in the sleeting rain! brrrrr

The ladies preparing dinner! I stayed out because I was sick. (Sorry ladies for the bad photo...I should of snapped a better one!)

The little cousins playing together

5 of the 6 hanging out

It must have been a mixture of vacation brain and head cold fogginess. Because I was a complete goof last weekend! I forgot a major ingredient to a family soup recipe that I made for my in-laws...mortifying! And my pretty cake was super sweet...the buttercream was so sugary even the kids couldn't finish a piece. But that also could have been because I cut super huge pieces in hopes of not having to bring any home! Giving up sugar this week! eek! I also forgot something at home that I could have swore I brought...and spent a good 20 minutes searching the frig at Davey for. I'm sure my mother in law is concerned about early onset Alzheimer's or something! :)

Note to John's lovely parents: I promise to be a better cook! No need to worry since I'm sure you'll be over more now that your closer! Promise! xoxox

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