Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vacation 2013 part one

For the past 10 days the fams and I have been on vacation. 3000 driving miles and 2300 nautical miles. We took a cruise to Central America. No it wasn't on Carnival...thank goodness! With a family of 6 we see cruising as the most economical way to travel to multiple foreign locations and hit the high points! I plan on sprinkling the next week or so with posts about our trip. Mix them in with others. I had a bunch of posts completed and scheduled to post while we were gone, but something didn't work. owell!

Our first stop was Roatan, Honduras:

We hung out on a beach most of the day on a tiny island. It had a private beach, swimming pool, snorkeling, authentic Honduran food and an animal preserve for injured and abandoned pets (parrots, monkeys, sea lions, BIG cats and other wild creatures!)

Corynn showing Evie the water

Corynn chilling on the beach

Evie hamming it up in the tropics

Evie really not liking the sandy water and waves

Kwynn collecting shells and looking at the crabs

Corynn snorkeling on the reef

Shells and coral we collected

cutest little snorkeler I know! 

It was amazing and our resort area was beautiful! The foliage is crazy pretty and so lush. And just the sound of the waves lulled Evie to sleep. It was humid, but being from NE - didn't think it was that bad. The weather was perfect. A sunny day with hit and miss clouds - just enough to give you a break from the sun. The animal preserve was very cool. Kind of like a little zoo. You could pet and interact with some of the animals!

The food was good too! Lunch was a rice and bean dish, fried banana chips, sea bass and spice baked chicken pieces. I think they had the lettuce salad just for us apprehensive non-adventurous Americans. Thank goodness too...the twins would have starved! Corynn loved the chicken, I tried the sea bass (and surprisingly thought it was pretty ok) and Evie and I thought the rice and beans were very tasty!

Corynn's favorite thing about this stop was the snorkeling. Her guide took her out along the reef and she saw tons of tropical brightly colored fish! Wish I could have gone with her, but Evie was demanding mama's attention most of this trip. :)

Kwynn and McKynna liked the animals- especially the big and cuddly sea lion!

Evie liked napping and running around like a crazy monkey that escaped from its cage! Seriously- she even kind of sounded like one!

John and I enjoyed the whole day; relaxing on the beach, watching Corynn have fun trying something new and the twins smiling (with teenage girls it can be a rarity!). One of those perfect days you want to cherish forever!

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