Saturday, March 02, 2013

baby mama (so not what you think)

A few weeks ago my mom stopped by on her way through town. Just a quick visit, but she brought some old photos with her. She was so excited to share them, just a handful of black and white snapshots. As I reached for them, I asked what they were. "There my baby pictures!" she exclaimed. She was so thrilled because these are the only photos she has of her as a baby. And they were just recently given to her.

Imagine growing up never seeing baby pictures of yourself and only possessing a few of your entire childhood. Crazy! I can't imagine. We always had photo books to look through and each of us children has our own album in our bedrooms. And with my kids...holy smokes! Evie isn't even two yet and I'm guessing I have 2000 of her. Ha - just kidding...maybe more like 1500. seriously. But I think its because photos, candid snapshots, captured moments are so easy these days. Technology has allowed us to have a camera with us all the time.

Another perk to technology is facebook! My older brother works for so he has access to alot of information. But he was able to connect with a great cousin 5 times removed or something like that and she shared a photo with him that was of my mom on the day she was adopted by her stepdad. One she had never seen before...but that marks such a wonderful moment of her past.

So with a few minutes of scanning and a couple of clicks...her baby photos (all 8 of them) are forever stored in digital format. 

Here's her baby sweet! 

And written in my grandmother's hand...a bonus since she types everything and has ever since I can remember. 

Sure do love this baby girl! 

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