Monday, March 25, 2013


Spring is coming and I seriously can't wait!!!! We are in desperate need of rain and moisture and I'm hoping we have a wet wet spring! I have faith in the whole April showers bring May flowers...because we didn't get much rain last year and my flowers looked terrible! It will be interesting to see what has survived the summer drought and exceptionally dry winter! Arborists at the university are saying expect to lose a ton of ever greens. The winter stress on top of the lack of rain is going to thin out a ton! Even cedars I would swear those things were indestructible!

Our property lays in a cross way where we have two runoffs that lead to the main neighborhood swell.

Here's a photo Kynna snapped last year of a river in our backyard.

Sudden downpours aren't good for drought stricken areas because the ground is too dry and cracked to absorb any of the water. It all just runs off. Steady slow rain is what we need! We shall be channeling Seattle weather...crossing our fingers!

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