Wednesday, March 06, 2013


Memories came flooding back when Corynn came home from school yesterday with a fundraising form. It's for a jump-a-thon her school is having with 100% of the donations going to the American Heart Association. I did jump-a-thons when I was in elementary school...and I was pretty darn good too! My biggest competition was my dearest friend Jill. I think ours was more for fitness than for charity, but was so nice to see something besides food/candy catalogs, candles or cookie dough!

So the way it works is that the kids ask family and friends for a flat donation. Every child is encouraged to participate in the jump-a-thon...and so no child feels left out the PTA is donating a dollar in every child's name. But shhhhhhhh- its a secret! Once you have at least a $1 donation, you are eligible to participate. On the day of the jump-a-thon there are several events. Who can jump the longest without missing, the most jumps in 1 minute, crossover contests etc. It will be tons of fun!

The coolest thing for us is that Corynn is super excited to participate! She even offered to donate her piggy bank savings so she could join in. And to think we were told that jumping rope was one of those things she would never be able to do. Now not only can she jump rope...but she loves it and is quite good at it!

and yes, grandparents...Corynn will be calling you soon!

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