Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Vacation part 3

Our next port of call was Costa Maya Mexico...more specifically the tiny village of Mahahual. Here's a cool pic I found on wikipedia.

Beautiful blue waters, reefs to explore, white sandy beaches and a population of about 500 year round when you combine Mahahual and four other surrounding villages. You stop here to bask in the sun, swim in the ocean, scuba dive and just relax! The port was purpose built for the cruise industry, once you leave that little area- there isn't much else.

We booked a private cabana at a little retreat off the beaten path. Owned by an American couple and only allows 40 people at a time. You get all you can eat, all you can drink and use of any water equipment you would like. You can get there as early as 7:30am and the last shuttle leaves back for the ship at 3:30pm. Its called Maya Chan...and I totally recommend it if you are ever there!!!! You will love it! Sweet people and a beautiful little paradise.

rows of cabanas - all different sizes depending on how many are in your party

me chilling in our cabana...nice view!

It seemed every excursion was during Evie's nap time. But that didn't stop her...she napped everywhere and anywhere! And yes, her zebra blanket went everywhere too! 

Corynn posing on the shore

and relaxing in the ocean

Our second attempt at getting Evie to play in the sand. Only lasted 5 minutes before she demanded to be picked up. 

Kynna enjoying the free wi-fi

The twins kayaking. 

Funny story. So John encouraged the twins to get out and try something new and quit sitting around doing nothing. He somehow convinced them to take the kayak out. They did fine despite the wind and waves. Soon Corynn saw them and decided that she too must kayak. So John got her in a single and pushed her out. I was laying down with Evie so I asked him to grab the camera and go snap some photos. About 10 minutes later he comes back and says "Um, I think I may need to go rescue our kids."

I was like "What!?" I put the camera down, grabbed Evie and headed down to the shore. I see John in a kayak of his own paddling out to I'm not sure where since I don't see the kids. Then way way way out there I see two little specs. My first thought is 'That so better not be my kids!' It seems that with the strong winds and forceful current- they were pulled far out. At least a mile down the coast line. 

Corynn couldn't maneuver in the waves and just kept drifting. Her sisters went to help her. They even tied her kayak to theirs so she wouldn't drift anymore. John made it to them and helped Corynn get her kayak to shore. The twins (stubborn like their mama) were determined to paddle back and not give up. It was hard, but I think their frustration fueled them along. Later I found out they were singing the soundtrack to Les Mis. Funny kids. 

They made it back to shore on their own. John walked his kayak and Corynn's back down the shore line. I met some really nice locals that didn't understand English, but weren't really speaking spanish. No communication except for my pointing and muttering to myself- I do that when I get nervous. I was kind of freaking out trying to decide  if I would need their help in getting my kids back. But it all ended well! I'm sure if we would have made a big deal about it to the staff at Costa Maya - they would have helped. But we are not ones to make a big spectacle and always enjoy a little adventure for the stories and memories they make. Truth be told, I was a bit scared though. 

Thank goodness for hero! 

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