Monday, March 04, 2013

soda boycott

I announced to the family last week that I was giving up soda. I have been reading articles about how bad it can be for you. I knew regular soda was sugary and full of empty calories so I've been off the regular stuff for years. I didn't know, however, that through several studies at Purdue, Harvard (and other prestigious bio-tech schools) that DIET soda is seriously harmful. A short concise article can be found here and more studies and reports can be easily found by simply googling it.

From what I've read, Diet soda can mess up your metabolism, cause kidney problems, rot your teeth, contribute to obesity, cause cell damage to your DNA (yikes!!!!!) and even cause reproductive issues. Isn't that nuts!? 

Even if this stuff isn't true, because you can easily find reports and articles stating that diet soda is safe and fine...water is my go to refreshment! There is no disputing that water is good for you!

I thought it would be hard (because sadly I was drinking at least 2 sodas a day) but after the second day, I was fine! Actually felt great! I snagged a taste of our daughter's soda one day and couldn't believe how overly sweet it was. YUCK! 

Our kids are going soda free pretty soon...haven't really talked it over with them. But thinking we could do it like we did our candy free year. Which was basically this: we had our kids sign a contract that said for one year they wouldn't have candy- except for three days of their choosing. If they could accomplish this...they would receive a $100 bill. Which of course we had laid out on the table so they could see them- they were real! Something visual and tangible for them to see everyday and know they were working towards. Obviously, I'm not above using bribes in parenting! :)

Anyway, just wanted to share. My next boycott will be sugar, but that will have to wait a bit until after vacation! Because seriously, what's a roadtrip with chocolate and licorice!?

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