Thursday, March 29, 2007

HUH?! What's wrong with this picture?

Come on, guess!!!

Hint: Something to do with the babies!

That's right- there are THREE of them. Last week I had posted about having to go buy a new baby since the old one was getting a bit ragged. We ended up getting twins babies as replacements. But this was on the assumption she would retire the old one. When I went to throw it away- she started crying. So I put it in the guest room closet under some stuff- and decided to wait and throw it away when she was at school. Well- I forgot about it---- until she I went to turn off her night light last night and noticed she had all three of them.

That little stinker found the old one! This morning I asked her where she found it and she told me she found in gma's room in the closet and that she had moved it to her room a few days ago. But she was hiding it in her closet now- except at bed time- then old baby could come out!

I can't help but think I was bamboozled! and by a three year old! This can't be good!


Hollie said...

Oh, that is too funny! So, when she is four is she going to get 4 babies?

Audra said...

Hollie- NO WAY! I thought two was bad- but now I have a third to keep track of and she is losing body parts- so I have to keep track of those! Definitely NO! This is it! :o)

Deb said...

That is too funny... what a stinker!

Rachel said...

kids are WAY too smart sometimes. I feel outwitted every day!