Monday, March 26, 2007


I am hoping to tackle my HUGE to do list since I am feeling much better this week! Here it is:
  • Clean Corynn's room 1) move dresser 2) Hang baskets 3) vacuum 4)go through toys, books and clothes then put in 'trash', 'donation' and 'keep' piles
  • Call a few painters and get estimates for inside and out
  • Call a landscaper about front yard and gets at least two bids
  • Clean out van
  • Call contractor about flooring project in the dining room and family room
  • Get Easter stuff for Montessori Egg Hunt and turned in by Friday
  • Go with the girls and buy them new running shoes and sandals
  • Get Kwynn knee pads for vball practice on Friday
  • Clean out and organize the garage (Not a major cleaning- just a quick pick up)
  • Buy grass seed for the mud pit off the front yard (so sick of looking at it)
  • Figure out what I am going to feed the sister missionaries on Wed
  • Vacuum the family room and dining area
  • Spot treat the dirt marks by the couch (Man, I can't wait for wood floors)
  • Dust- since we didn't get it done this weekend
  • Get invitations for Corynn's bday party
  • Find superman figurine for Corynn's bday cake
  • Get Trevor a money order
  • Mail out goodies for sisters on my VT list
  • Figure out April's budget
  • Get bills paid and ready to send out by Thursday
There is more- but those are on my actual list of stuff to do this week- besides my second job as family taxi for school, swim lessons, 4H, etc and normal household things like laudry and dishes, making lunches and general picking up after everyone.

I am not complaining- I love being a stay at home mom! Just some weeks get so full you wonder if you'll get it all done. I'll let you know if I succeeded at the end of the week.


Audra said...

This is to be my post for 3/27- but I had to post it tonight (early) because John is taking the computer to work tomorrow.

Rachel said...

I just cleaned out my van today. It was sooo dirty! There are a lot of things on my list this week too.

Audra said...

good news! As of right now- I have seven things to check off the list! But I still I have a messy van- it was raining and I didn't want to take the seats out to vacuum in the rain- ha! That's my excuse and i am sticking to it! :o)

Deb said...

Audra- there is a girl in my ward that does landscape design. If you want her info, let me know.

Audra said...

Deb- heck ya!

Kris- We are just refinancing and have some extra money! Want to get the house ready to sell if we see something we want! Its three years past due! You can help with the tile work in the bathrooms though!! J- you can help too!

Hollie said...

Wow, I feel overwhelmed just reading that. Sister Missionaries need service hours. I say put them to work cleaning, and helping with the birthday cards.