Friday, March 30, 2007

ahhhhhh!!!- these are our girls!!!

the hairy one with the annoyed look on her face is Emma. John wanted a picture of the girls for his desk at work- and I thought the pic should have his little girl, Emma, in it as well. She is a funny dog! She is a year and half old and is pretty obedient- as obedient as a pup can be! John was dead set against getting her but from the minute we got her home she was his baby! Funny how that works!


Deb said...

What a great picture Audra! I never really wanted a dog too much either... and now look at me... I am the ultimate dog lover. Crazy how that works! They just snuggle themselves into our hearts.

Hollie said...

Cute picture of the girls! You dog is very pretty too. We plan on getting a dog once we have a house or something. Right ow if we got a dog we would have to pay a $300 deposit and and extra $30 a month for rent. CRAZY!

Mckenzie will be so happy once we get one though:) She LOVES dogs. She actually likes the bigger ones better than the smaller ones.

I'm still a little uneasy around big dogs. When I was 18 my grandpas dog went on attach mode, for some reason, and sunk his teeth right into my thigh. I still have the scar to prove it. It scared the CRAP out of me!

Audra said...

Deb- you were right about them being like kids! She knows when she did something naughty and hangs head down like the girls used to and she barks at you when you tell her kennel up- she will go directly to her kennel and then bark at you like a kid saying you are the meanest mom ever!

Hollie- pets are more of an investment than I thought. we told the girls they had to wait until they were 8 to get one- that way they could help walk her, feed her and bathe her...that way you aren't doing everything. Its worked out pretty well.

When I was ten we had two dogs that hated each other and one day before school I had one of them on bed brushing it. The other one hopped up on my lap and they started fighting on top of me. My face was all cut up, my eye was bleeding and my lip was ripped open. I had to walk to school back then and my mom had already left. So I walked to school all bloody...needless to say- the nurse called my mom and she came and got me. But I know what you mean- it took me a long time to get over that.

Hollie said...

Holy cow! That is scary! They probably thought you were being abused or something when they saw you.