Saturday, March 10, 2007

This week...

We went sledding Sunday before church- we were running late and we all had to shower- so only the twins and I made it to church - Corynn stayed home with John. I get home from church to find my daughter in the dog kennel...with our dog...and they were having fun!

I must have had an angry confused look on my face because John immediately explained the
she wanted to be in there and it was her idea and she was having fun! Uhhh- how long has she been in there was the first sentence from my mouth. The answer: an hour! Hmmmm- is that considered child abuse or endangerment if she is having fun!! Just kidding- its never that easy to entertain her when I have to do it. She continued to stay in there for another 45 minutes before she finally got bored. Crazy kid!

John's bday was on Tuesday and we went to Shogun's for dinner. The girls loved it- especially Corynn! When the chef started flipping food- she started smiling and then looked at me and said "He really shouldn't be playing with his food!" It was cute and we all had a good time! the girls made John a birthday banner and surprised him with some gifts when he got home. It was cute!
Wednesday night the girls and I went grocery shopping for the food bank. The girls' school is having a contest to see which grade can raise the most items in a week for the food bank. They were down by almost 100 items and I wasn't sure how many things they expected me to buy. So we bought cornbread mix, pizza dough mix, corn, green beans, macaroni, Hamburger Helper etc- I just shopped until I felt that we had enough- we went to check out and had only spent $45 but there were 178 items. CRAZY! It helped to have coupons and hit the store sales. But the girls were so excited about taking it to school on Thursday. We needed a dolly to get it all to the classrooms. The girls were gone from school on Friday- so we don't know if the 3 grade won or not. And this week is spring they will have to wait a week...or maybe they can call someone and find out the results. It was fun and the girls liked helping people- they told me last night it didn't matter if they won or not. It made me proud.

Saturday- we went skating at the skate zone. I only fell once...twice...ok three times- well actually it was 4...ughhh... ok... it was 5 times. But it was substantially less then the girls! =)
It was fun and thank goodness it was only a two hour session. Not sure how I will be tomorrow- I am already feeling sore. None of the pix turned out due to the poor lighting- but here is one of Corynn with her friend. They did skate- so much so that we had to bribe them with candy and soda to keep of the floor during the limbo and adult skate.

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Lindsey said...

Remember Skate Island and going skating there with Scott and tina? We were so young and nerdy! makes me laugh just thinking about it! Wouldn't want the girls to miss out on that type of memories...I am sure I can think of some more stories to share with them! :0)