Saturday, March 24, 2007


I woke up earlier this week to the chirping of little birds. Its been so nice, weather-wise, that we have been able to leave the windows open at night. Its a sure sign of I was excited! That was Tuesday...then Friday comes. I have been sick with the flu all week and John was out of town so I had to hold down the fort all by my sick self. By Friday I was TIRED... so with the twins at school and Corynn wanting to take a nap - we laid down in my bed. Corynn fell asleep almost instantly...but those dang birds. There are only a few birds in the morning and the chirping is so light and sweet. But by afternoon- there are a hundred freaking birds chirping, not including the woodpeckers, squirrels and neighborhood dogs barking. I was about to go insane! Finally I shut the window and turned on the air conditioning. I also turned the radio on really low - to drowned out any chirps that might have penetrated the double pained window. Some chirp on a crazy high pitched frequency that can penetrate walls- I swear!

UGHGHHH! I really do love spring and planting flowers and grasses and getting my pots all done up- but not when I am sick with the flu and practically dead on my feet! Doesn't nature know this!

Anyway- I am feeling better today. Its crazy you can go to bed still feeling horrible and then wake up feeling almost normal. Hopefully its over with! Knock on wood the kids don't get it!


Christy said...

Gourmet Goddesses will meet at my house this month. Do you get the email announcements? Email me at sra_nelson AT yahoo DOT com and I'll put you on the Relief Society list.

lindsey said...

you are so funny- i miss that humor

Kris said...

Is that Lindsey G from highschool?

Lindsey said...

why yes ma'm- its is me!