Thursday, March 22, 2007

A death in the family and another set of twins...

Now don't freak out just yet- it was only Baby #3 that died. But anyone who know Baby knows she is very much a member of the family. I have been hot gluing her arms and legs back on the body for the last few months. She has pen all over her head (Corynn thought she needed some more hair) and marker on her legs. She is also filthy- Baby never wore clothes- and I was afraid she wouldn't make it through the spin cycle of my front loader so she hasn't been washed in awhile.

SOOO- last weekend Corynn came to me crying because her baby was 'dying'. Her arm had been ripped off yet again. I asked her if it was time to retire this baby (she has been through two others- one usually lasts about a year)- and she said yes. So we went shopping for a new baby- but when we got to the store, she found twin babies from the same brand. So now we have another set of twins in the family. I initially thought this was good because then they should last twice as long- but I soon realized that this meant we now have TWO babies to keep track of and find at bed time. One good thing is - is that the clothes are sewn on so no more naked baby!

asked to see one- She is really funny with them, though. We were coming home from school today and McKynna asked to see one of them. Corynn told her she wouldn't want one because they have poopy pants! And she said it in such a matter of fact tone! I would be worried about a mommy complex- but she also loves Superman and soccer so I am not that worried.

McKynna and Kwynn think she is crazy- they never liked baby dolls or girly things. They were always into dinosaurs, bugs and TMNT. Its crazy how different siblings can be! Gotta love them though!


Audra said...

Hey once you find some time between- the kids, moving and law school- you should really start a blog! Its fun- you would like it!

Hollie said...

Yes, that was our mistake with blankets. we got two backups and she found them. Now we have to find all three blankest for nap time and bed time.