Saturday, March 31, 2007


Shoe time. The girls are starting their spring sports and are in need of athletic shoes and they also need sandals for Easter and then they can use them this summer. This being week has been crazy busy and I need them to be with me- Kwynn has really narrow feet and its hard to find running shoes that work for her. I also needed to get Easter dresses for the twins. So I figured this weekend would be a great time to go...well that was my first mistake.

Mistake #1: thinking I would be only one out taking advantage of shopping on the weekend- especially at the mall and Target.

So we head to Target to get the dresses- I found the cutest khaki linen jumpers and then a denuim jacket for Kwynn and a camouflage jacket for McKynna (the dresses are sleeveless so I got the jackets (on sale for $5) to wear over them so they could wear them more often). But those aren't Easter-y so I got them yellow linen dresses- simple- with little white tshirts to wear under them. I know that isn't very typical of an Easter dress- but the twins didn't like any of the frilly pretty poofy dresses- so my selection was limited. Corynn on the other hand - has a pink satin poofy dress- very cute and even a little white lacy hat to wear with it.

On to the shoes... Target is right next door to a Payless so I thought I should stop there and just look to see if there were any sandals. This is where I realized my second mistake.

Mistake #2: Going shoe shopping with 3 girls by myself (actually my little brother happened to be with me and helped as much as he could- but really!? What can a man do when dealing with 3 girls and their shoes?!)

So I have three girls bringing me shoes from all directions and the store is packed. I finally get them measured and send them to find ONE pair of sandals in their respective sizes. I stayed and helped Corynn. My little brother found a pair of princess sandals that light up and Corynn just had to have them. I really don't like those character shoes and absolutely detest blinky shoes- but I didn't want to fight (I was outnumbered) and so I gave in.

McKynna found a pair of sandals pretty quickly and Corynn's sneakers were pretty easy to find too- she pretty much didn't care what they were as long as I bought the princess sandals.

We struck out with Kwynn- nothing would fit her narrow foot- so we headed to Sears. Gotta love the Kids Vantage Program! The mall was crazy busy- and Sears was having a shoe sale. Good for the wallet bad for my sanity! Way too many people! And the shoe dept is right by the escalators (can you tell where this is going?)

Kwynn got in a funk and didn't like any of the shoes because the one pair she wanted weren't available in her size. So I just picked a pair of white sneakers. Now onto McKynna and helping her find a pair- she is more tomboyish- so we looked at boy shoes. I can understand she doesn't want pink shoes- but I had to draw the line at black-high top-so-obviously-boy shoes. I finally convinced her she liked a gender neutral pair and it was then at this point that I realized my third mistake.

Mistake #3: Do a visual check on Corynn every two minutes rather than three minutes.

I had lost Corynn in Sears on Saturday afternoon! Sure why not! I grab the other two girls and our two boxes of shoes and start looking for Corynn- then I hear her laughing. I look up and see her heading up the escalator. Dang kid darn near gave me a heart attack. So I grab her and set off to find Kwynn some sandals. By now I was tired and just wanted to leave. I find a super cute pair- and they were in her size - a sign from above I was just sure and she liked them. We head to the check out, pay and leave. As we get out the doors - its downpouring! Corynn doesn't want to get wet and starts crying. I am carrying my purse, two bags of shoes and trying to hold onto Corynn to keep her with me. It was a this point I realized my fourth mistake.

Mistake #4: Leaving my house this morning with three girls to go shoe shopping

I gently drag her to the car through the rain and then swear to never to do this again. We head for home. We get home and I am going through everything- double checking sizes and having the kids try things on just to make sure. It was then we realize that Kwynn's super cute sandals...the one pair she liked- weren't a pair. We had two left shoes...uh huh! I then realize my fifth mistake.

Mistake #5: Getting out of bed this morning.


Hollie said...

Man, that sucks! Hope you get the pair of shoes you need. Someone is bound to have two right shoes....right?

Christy said...

Oh man. What a day!

Bright side: No nursery tomorrow!

Rachel said...

I made the mistake of going to Target yesterday too. What a zoo!! I was alone with the kids and decided we needed an outing. That was my big mistake. At least I wasn't looking for anything specific like you were. It did look like they had lots of good deals though! I probably would have lost Jonah too, but I forced him to sit in the cart with candy. I've lost him way too many times to take the chance again!

Audra said...

I think the culmination of the day's events is what led me to going bur-zerk! I went with girls and rented some movies for them- so I got some alone time as they watched their movies. It was much needed! even though it was only for 90 minutes!