Monday, March 26, 2007

Bend it like, Kynna!

Look out Beckham- here's McKynna! Soccer season has officially started and McKynna has her first game on Saturday. She is back with the same team from last year- and the first practice was last week. This is her last year of micro soccer- this fall she moves up to Rec (which uses a much larger field). Her coach is having the girls run alot more to get them ready for the transition this fall. They are practicing at a local park that has a huge sledding hill. He makes them run up and down this hill at the beginning of practice and then a few times at the end. And its a pretty steep hill!

The funny part is- Kwynn was on her little pity pot last week during McKynna's practice and said that it wasn't fair McKynna gets to practice outside and her volleyball has to be inside. And its not fair this and its not fair that. Then I had her watch McKynna run up the huge hill and see how tiresome it was and that she was lucky! She continued to complain. So I told her that I would bring her back the next day to run up the hill- five times. We did and she was TIRED! Tonight, McKynna has practice again and the first thing Kwynn told me this morning was that she is so excited for Volleyball to start and she's glad she's not in soccer anymore. It was funny- hopefully this episode of twin envy is over!


Lindsey said...

twins!...i still don't know how you do it! I remember when you told me you were pregnant with twins- I thought 'she is going to go nuts!' but I suppose that if anyone can handle the craziness of twins- it would be you!

call me- maybe I can make it to a game this year! Are they on Saturdays or Sundays? I think we are going to put Cayden in soccer this fall- it would be good for him to see a game too!

Audra said...

ahhhh- you are so kind! I didn't think I had any motherly attributes- but now I have three kids and I work in nursery at church- someone must think I am doing ok!

Kynna would love it if you guys came to a game! How exciting for cayden! Jeez- he must be getting big- is he 5 already? That means school starts this fall, right?