Monday, March 19, 2007

A personal test!!!

Last year, Kori told me about this whole blogging thing. And my first thought was...this can be my journal. I am fascinated with reading- LOVE IT ! And my most favorite thing to read are real life stories about the every day life of ordinary people. It gives me a sense of community and lets me know I am not the only one who has been awoken at 3 am to a child puking on me. Christy's blog mentioned it was a kind of therapy and I agree. But there is another huge benefit that blogging provides...journaling. I used to journal everyday when I was a teenager and then quit once the kids started coming. Sad... really. I have read through some of my journals and its so interesting to see and remember how I felt about certain things and people. I am not an emotionally open person. Its hard for me to put into words how I feel about someone or something. I mean I can write about it, but its hard for me to speak those words. For some reason, speaking things make them open to the public and with that comes the possibility of getting hurt. So its easier for me to write things... then I don't have to see the reaction or deal with the aftermath. I am a complicated and troubled person, obviously. (HA!) But my point is...when my children are older...I want them to be able to read this and possibly see another side of their mother. I may only blog for a year or maybe five years...but when I am done, I can print it off and put it with my other journals and hopefully the girls will find it interesting. If nothing else I can read it when I am old and remember way back when. SOOOOO... my personal challenge for the month of April is to blog a post everyday. No matter how mundane or trivial the post maybe. So we will see how it goes! I admire Christy - for her openess and diligence. Eva and Caleb will love to read what you have written. Eva will be able to go back and read exactly how you felt during the adoption process and the anticipation for her arrival. Its very cool and very special!


Christy said...

Aw, shucks. I'm glad you like blogging, Audra. I love reading your blog. I feel like I am really getting to know you---it's hard at church sometimes because things are always so hectic.

Deb said...

I love reading your blog too! And I agree, it is great therapy. And what a great goal... blogging everyday. You can do it! Blog on, sista!

Hollie said...

Yes, I agree with Deb, blog on my blogging sistas...yeehaw! Sorry, the south is starting to rub off on me.