Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am getting so antsy about planting my flowers and after reading Christy's blog- my herbs! Planting time just can't get here soon enough!

I love how green everything is and the early spring blooms- tulips and daffodils. Some of my crocus is still blooming too! I would have a picture- but a few days ago Corynn picked me a pretty bouquet and so most of them are gone.

My grasses are doing pretty good too! I have tons of ribbon grass and this really pretty blue green grass! Grasses are so hardy and pretty much take care of themselves- so I like them! They can be invasive, but then you just separate them and have more to plant somewhere else in the yard! I also like hastas! My neighbor has the gigantic hostas that he splits every year and gives me some- every yard has room for more hostas!

I also like yellow daylillies and mums. Pretty and green and last a long time, most of the summer- then the mums bloom in the fall. I planted ivy a few years ago- and now its finally taking off!

The girls like to spread Zinnia seeds in our flower garden. They just put them in a shaker and walk around spreading them- they don't even cover them with dirt. And every time they come up and last all summer. Very easy if the little ones want to help you plant. And they are good for cutting or floating in bowl for a center piece!

Mother's day is my favorite- as a tradition in my family- my mom, grandma and I go buy annuals and hanging baskets! Its fun- my grandma has a beautiful flower garden and its nice to get her input. I usually end up planting my mom's pots for her- she can't grow anything! But we love her! She is pretty good about keeping them watered! :0) Its a fun tradition- the girls usually go with us, but last year Corynn's most favorite colors in the world were pink and purple- so all of my pots ended up pink and purple! Which isn't bad but this year all of my pots are going to be white with green foliage accents- so we'll have to see how she feels about that! She likes white so I am thinking this will work! I am also going to try a few potted trees...might have to research that more before I actually invest!

So can you tell how eager I am?


Christy said...

I eventually want to get some potted trees, too. They have these dwarf lemon trees that I would love to get.

Hanging baskets for Mother's Day! What a great idea.

Audra said...

I also saw a strawberry tree- which looked interesting! I think its basically the regular strawberry vine and it grow around and in a tree shaped wire thing. I will have to research that one too!

Rachel said...

Ok Audra, you need to come to my house and help me!! sounds like you know what you are doing in the garden. I love Zinnias but have never gotten them to grow. I have pretty much given up with this house since we will probably be moving soon, but I do dream of having a pretty garden someday.

Audra said...

Rachel- no problem!- Zinnias are a really easy and pots aren't that bad either! I would love to help!