Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cute Kids

So I'm in Primary now...no more music leading for me! Yippee...for me and the ladies in RS!

I help co-teach the CTR 6s (5 and 6 yearolds which is Pucca's class).

Two funny stories from last Sunday:

The first one was in Sharing time (the music singing part before we go to class). The 4-5 year olds sit right in front of us and there was a little girl sitting by a little boy. They were both talking and joking with one another- not paying attention at all and being kind of loud. I tried to get them to quiet down and so did their teacher, but some thing was in the air because these two were full of energy! Finally, their teacher said to the little girl, "You need to come sit by me!" She asked "Why?" "Because he is being irreverent!" the teacher answered.

The little boy taps the little girl on the shoulder and asks what the teacher said. She looks at him, smiles and says "She said you're a very nice boy!". He then gets a huge smile and says "Yeah- I am a very nice boy!" and then they both proceeded to giggle hysterically!

The second one came during the Sunday school lesson. I was teaching and the lesson was about prophets. I asked the class- Can just anybody be a prophet? They all answered no. Can I be a prophet? They answered "no- you have to be a boy!" "That's right" I said "It would have to be a special boy, right!?"

One of the boys looked at me and said "Hey I'm special and I'm a boy. I'm a pretty special boy!" Then another one of boys says "I'm special too- my parents always tell me that!" Then another boy says "I'm super special!" Pretty soon I had all five of the boys telling me how they were special boys...it was so cute!

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