Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cutest thing!

I just received my newest copy of Family Fun in the mail yesterday and found this super cute art project!

Do you like works of the Renoir, Monet or Sisley? If so, this is the art project for your family!

Super simple too! The end result would truly be worthy of framing!

Supplies needed:
  • White card stock
  • washable markers
Have your child draw/color a masterpiece with the markers on the cardstock. In fact, have them draw multiples! Then save for a RAINY day! Once you start to see the rain clouds roll in...put the artwork outside in the rain for a few minutes, then carefully bring inside- ensuring that the card stock is kept flat. Let it set until completely dried!

Here's an example

you can also dab it dry with a paper towel or tissue to give it a softer feel.

So stinkin cute, right!? Can't wait to try it!

and no- Family Fun isn't paying me to give this fantastic endorsement...I'm happily passing the word about how great a magazine this is!

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