Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Little wonders

Today I was having one of those know one of those days where it seems like everything is going wrong! And its not any one big thing ruining your day- its all the little things that work together to cloud out your sunshine.

I was outside this afternoon, getting our recycling ready for pickup when I heard a child crying. Well, actually he was screaming bloody murder! I looked down the block and saw a woman having a way worse day than me!

She was walking two dogs, pushing a stroller with two babies (twins I later found out-age 9 months) and had three other little children walking next to her (ages 2,4 and 5). Well, they weren't so much walking... one was crying- in a fit refusing to walk anymore. Another one was trying to pull the crying child up the hill and the third was headed off to follow the neighborhood stray that had just wandered into someone's backyard.

At first- I was wondering "What in blue daisies was she thinking?" taking five children under the age of 5 and two dogs on a walk by herself...I'm thinking serious issues!

As I started to shake my head at the scene before me, I noticed she too was shaking her head. She was thinking the exact same thing I was thinking...and yes- she confessed to momentarily losing her mind. She was so taken in by the beautiful weather...and she couldn't stand being cooped up anymore (all of the children were hers and the cabin fever had apparently taken its toll.) She wanted to get out and enjoy the beautiful day!

She immediately realized I had taken pity on her and graciously accepted my help with corralling her tree loose children. The two year old immediately quit crying when he saw me returning from a side yard with his older brother in tow. The little girl - who had just previously been dragging her younger sibling, walked right over to me and introduced herself- complete with her age and the fact she had a rubber ducky birthday party two weeks ago.

The twins were chilling in the stroller- taking it all in. The dogs mean while, were yipping and running circles around the lady's legs. I asked her how far away she lived... my eyes just about popped out of my head when she told me. She was over two miles away....

I offered to give them all a ride home, but before I could inform her that I didn't have near enough car seats to accommodate everyone- she was hugging me and pouring on the sugar. You would have thought I fixed the economy- with the way she was going on.

It may not have been the most LEGAL two miles I've ever driven, but we took it slow and all made it home safe.

Funny- after that incident I couldn't really remember what was bogging me down...just one of those little wonders!

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Deb said...

Wow! She is brave! I have ventured out with my ONE dog and ONE child and have felt entirely nuts!

Lucky for her, she had you as her angel to save the day.