Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eye dr.

John and I went on a date today....ahhhhhhhh....actually before you think we're all gushy- let me explain. We went to the eye dr, had exams and picked out some new glasses for both of us. There was no way I would let him pick out his own frames...no no no! I am a firm believer that most wives need to help 'nudge' or 'push' their husbands in the right fashion direction...except for this one guy at church! I don't know if his wife dresses him or not- but he always looks acceptable!

Back to my story....

Now here are some phrases the eye dr said during my exam:

Its been how long since your last eye exam?

So you don't wear any glasses or contacts right now? (just my readers) Only when you read...huh!? really?

And you passed your last driver's license sight exam?

Do you get lots of headaches?

Stop me when you can see the letters clearly click...click...click....click...click...click...click... Ummm- just stop me when they start to come into focus...click....click....click...click....click....click....
You can't see any of those letters?

(feeling a little ashamed, I ask "Are the letters black or white?") click...click....click....click...click.

Finally, I saw some letters! YAY! Come to find out I am very very very far sighted, but my auto focus is stellar....so it doesn't seem as bad as it is. The down side is that I'm prone to headaches after reading or studying for periods of time. My glasses broke about 5 years ago...Pucca thought they were hers. And I just never went back to get new ones. I wear readers now...but they aren't quite cutting it anymore. SO...back to prescription glasses. I really want some colored contacts- but I don't think I could get past sticking something in my eyeball...nope pretty sure I couldn't do that. So I'll just stick with my green hazel eyes and get some spiffy new specs! I have to go back and have some drops put in- to try and turn off my natural auto focus. Then we can see how bad my eyes truly are.

Down side: I'll be near blind next Monday for 2 hours

Upside: I get some new designer frames...I am really crushing on these black and pink Donna Karan frames....ahhhhhhh....maybe!

And John looks very handsome in his new frames...very intellectual!


Megan said...

I need to go on that kind of date too. Only I'm sooooo near sighted that it's a really expensive date for me. I just need lasik (though I've been told I'm too near sighted for it). If I could get it, it would pay for itself in 5 years...

wendysue said...

I love that you went on a date to the eye Dr. . .we get a lot of husband/wife couples that come to the dentist together!

And I laughed about you picking out his frames, I totally gave Matt a "push" to get his.