Friday, February 13, 2009

What the!?

First of all- snow day! LPS called lastnight to let us know. So I woke up the girls and told them "SORRY, but no school tomorrow. So we're all sleeping in!"

They all seemed very pleased with this too! Sleeping in at our house is 7:45/8- buts its still a whole lot better than 5:45am! So I fall asleep last night dreaming of how wonderful its going to chaotic morning routine, no wardrobe fussiness, no all sounded amazing!

When John left for work this morning at 6am- the twins were up playing the wii. John and I both told them to go back to bed - they didn't. Well, I was gosh darn it! 6:20....Pucca wakes up wanting to know where her breakfast is. I beg for 5 more minutes- she decides to crawl in bed with me...chatting like a morning song bird. Ugggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - ok I'll get up and get you breakfast.

I crawl back into my warm and inviting bed at 6:45- thinking I just may get back to sleep for a little bit. I must of dozed off because I was awoken at 7:15 with Pucca yelling at her sisters from the top of the stairs. Then they yelled back. Then Emma ate someone's crackers and they yelled at her. Then I was up!

So much for my plan to sleep in! And did I seriously say "...what better way to spend Valentine's than being snowed in with you sweeties!"?????


Deb said...

Seriously... just when you think you can sleep in. :) Have a great snow filled weekend.

Hollie said...

Oh man, I HATE mornings!!!!! I feel your pain. I had thee four year olds up at 6:15 Saturday morning!