Thursday, February 14, 2013


Evie has been super attached to her blanket lately. Which really isn't her blanket- its Corynn's but right after Evie was born and I was still vegging out nightly in a big comfy chair for hourly feedings, I asked Corynn if I could borrow her blanket. It was warm and big enough to cover all that needed to be covered. Ever since then though, Evie has used it. I have a feeling that it will be her blankie for the foreseeable future if not forever more.

Corynn had a blanket. And a baby doll. She couldn't sleep with out those two things. They traveled with us everywhere! So this blankie attachment thing isn't anything new.

Evie loves the tassels. She'll rub them between her tiny fingers when she gets tired, And she sticks one up by her nose - tucks it in just above her pacifier.

She has always like things being up by her face. When she was a tiny baby she would fall asleep with her face buried in the palm of my hand. I'm sure it looked like I was smothering her, but it was only thing that would calm her down. Maybe because she spent 9 months all squished up...who knows.

And since it's a large blanket for such a little person- it inevitably drags while she carries it. And because its fleece, it attracts a lot of Emma it gets washed alot! But I've had to get sneaky with washing it. We have a front loading washing machine with a clear door. And one day she was walking by it and noticed her blanket going around and around and around. She screamed, cried, beat on the door and wouldn't leave until the cycle was done and she got her blankie back. She wouldn't even let me dry it...good thing the washer has good spin cycle!

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