Friday, February 22, 2013


This post is way over due! Homecoming was actually in October, but I wanted to include it in my blogging journal.

The twins don't get over the moon excited- ever. They are pretty chill about things. So I wasn't sure if homecoming was going to be a big deal. They mentioned they wanted to go with a group of friends and might need dresses if they couldn't find one that fit right in their closet.

hmmmm....what about what I want! As a mom, I wanted to take them shopping for dresses, help them get ready, get pedicures and manicures, possibly wrist corsages. They weren't so sure.

But as the dance came closer, they showed a little more excitement. Once we went shopping for dresses- their personalities and anticipation finally appeared! I let them choose whatever dresses they wanted, but gently nudged them towards dresses that could be easily altered. You'd be surprised, but almost all the dresses were strapless. So we added straps to their choices. Can't have their girly parts falling out! sheesh!

(our bathroom post getting ready)

The night of the dance was filled with the getting ready ritual of make up, painting nails and getting hair done. Once again, individuality and personalities shown through. McKynna is very subdued. She chose a black, fairly simple dress with no fluffy skirt. She wanted her hair in a braided bun low set to the side and natural makeup in browns and rose. Nothing heavy or bright. Even her nails were painted nude.

Kwynn wanted a black and white dress and desperately tried convincing me that straps were not necessary. She lost. She swapped out the black waist ribbon for a purple/pink one. Her hair was pulled up in a ballerina bun near the top of her head. She had eye shadow and nail polish that matched her ribbon. To finish off her look and to remedy the chilly evening...she wore her black leather jacket.

A friend of theirs invited them over for dinner, she lives near the school so the group then walked over to the dance.

The girls came home excited and chattering up a storm. Two friends came home with them to stay over and all were talking at once. McKynna gushed about how a senior girl complimented her hair and dress. And Kwynn was getting looks from some older boys. To which Kwynn replied- if they didn't ask me to dance- it was their loss. I love how the girls took the evening in for what it was. They placed no high expectations or fairy tale hopes on the event. It was night of fun with their friends. There will be plenty of time for boys and the drama they bring. I'm just happy they had one high school experience void of all that.

Such lovely ladies. They are growing up much too quickly for my liking! :)

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