Wednesday, February 13, 2013

go to meal

9 times out of ten I have a weekly menu filled out and hanging on the frig. But on occasion we have crazy hectic nights where cooking a meal just isn't going to happen. It is those nights we either order pizza or grab some chinese.

There's also the occasional few days that John is away on business and the girls and I are home alone. The last thing I want to do when running things solo is dirty up my kitchen, make more dishes or cook. So the girls and I either have chinese or smoothies from our local juice shop. There are times when John will be away for a few days in a row...we are good for the first two nights, but any subsequent nights are on a fend for yourself basis. Usually sandwiches, mac and cheese or salads. Something light, easy and hassle free.

As you can see, chinese is a favorite at our house. John introduced me to green bean chicken and I am in love! So so so good! Ask for it the next time your out! You won't be disappointed...unless you don't like green beans. In that case, you might want to try something else.

And why is it once you've found the chinese restaurant - it's the only one that's an option. We live in a city with probably 20+ chinese restaurants, but only one makes the grade. Sadly though...even that one can't compare to our one and only favorite all time yummiest of yummy chinese places in Grand Island. Hunan's...out by the malls. Seriously some of the best you'll have. Didn't truly appreciate it until we moved and found that nothing quite measures up.

One of my favorite memories that makes me smile even to this day: 

The twins were probably 7 and Corynn was 2. We were eating chinese and the girls ordered their favorite, crab rangoon. They would pull them apart and eat the gooey centers and soft fried parts, leaving the crispy ends on the plate. Corynn held her hand out motioning for them to share. McKynna looked at Kwynn and said "Give her the legs- we don't eat them anyways." The legs!? What legs? Apparently the crispy ends are the legs. Because if you flip the crab rangoon on its ends with the puffy side up- it resembles a crab. This was of course before the girls knew there was crab in crab rangoon. They assumed the name came from the shape. Silly girls. Even to this day, the crispy ends are called legs around this house.

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