Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We usually find a cute valentine idea in the February issue of some magazine for Corynn's teachers. The twins weren't ever big on giving special things, but I have my hands full with Corynn. Most kids have a teacher or two, but with Corynn its every teacher she has and more. So that includes all three 4th grade teachers, her PE teacher, music teacher, art teacher, librarian, school counselor, the two office ladies, the principal and the vice principal. In case you've lost count - that's 12 special items for Christmas, Teacher appreciation and Valentine's. Its crazy and I'm not sure how it started but I kind of feel once we've started we can't just not the next time. She only has one more year- so that's good!

Anyway this year she forfeited the magazine ideas and let me pick. I chose Hershey Kiss Roses. They are super easy, fairly inexpensive and amazingly cute!

I had all the materials except the Kisses. There are around 72 in each bag so really you only need one bag to make more than enough. Each rose takes 2 candies so that's roughly 3 dozen. I used a roll of clear film wrap that I bought super cheap on clearance a few years ago. I thought it was solid and wanted to use it as a photo booth back drop for a party we were having. It was actually translucent and shimmery metallic...which wasn't so great for the original purpose- BUT perfect for the roses!

So here's what you'll need:

  • Kisses
  • tissue paper or film wrap or even scrap material (3 inch by 3 inch squares)
  • tape or glue dots
  • fake greenery (pull or cut the leaves off, leaving enough stem to allow attachment)
  • scissors
  • wooden skewers
  • floral tape

You can google or search for tutorials- there are a gazillion! Here are the basics:

Tape/glue dot two kisses together on the flat ends. (I taped all the doubles before moving onto the next step)
Poke the tip of the skewer into one end of your doubled kisses. (not all the way through- just enough to hold it in place while you wrap the tape)
Wrap the paper around the kisses and secure to the skewer with the floral tape. 
Add leaves onto the skewer as you wrap the tape down the stick 

When you're done...you'll have these little cuties! 

We bundled them into bouquets of three, wrapped them with ribbon and attached a little note. 
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Happy Valentine's Day
from me to you! 

Corynn loves them and is super excited! So I consider it a success. Not to mention it only took me a half hour to make 36. Double score! 

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