Monday, February 04, 2013

Emma and Evie

This is our Emma

This is our Evie

They have had a awkward relationship since the beginning. (you can read about it here.) Not much has really changed since then. Emma still avoids Evie. Evie doesn't really care. But now that Evie is mobile and has food in hand more often...Emma is warming up to Evie quite quickly!

For example, the other day Evie had a bowl of fruit loops. She was sitting chilling on the couch next to me as I finished a book I was reading. Emma came up and perched her head on the couch right in front of Evie...begging for a nibble.

Evie was not impressed.

But then Evie took full advantage of Emma's closeness and reached our to pet her. I thought for sure Emma would do her little growl (which is all for show- she'd never bite Evie), snarl a little and then walk off and plop down somewhere.

But to my surprise (and Evie's too!)... she licked her hand!

Maybe there's a budding friendship there after all! 
Or Emma likes fruit loop crumbs...

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