Friday, February 01, 2013


Everyone has a few little quirks. Oddities about their personalities. Don't be embarrassed or in denial...we all have them.

One of mine is the side of the bed I sleep on. Usually a person has a 'side' so when you travel or stay other places you always have a certain side of the bed. Well, I don't . Not a specific 'side' per se. I just sleep furtherest from the door. Some times that's the right side and sometimes that's the left depending on how the bed is placed. Its been that way since John and I moved in together. Perhaps for a sense a security- although I don't really think so. I've never been too concerned about an intruder coming to get us. Just weird I suppose.

Another one of mine is habit of lists. I make lists of lists. Especially if we are packing for a trip. I could have 6 or 7 lists then! On any given day I have at least 3 or more lists e.g. grocery list, errand list, chores that need to get done that day etc. And then of course the master weekly list of the our menu. Oh and my ever evolving list of projects I have going on- craft and otherwise. Kind of crazy. But it works for me!

And finally - I'm a little particular. Not really OCD or type A, but just want things done a certain way and expect it. And since they usually aren't done my particular way- I just do it myself. Its easier that way. Although, I am getting better with this- and the kids are having to help more and more. The realization that I can't do everything all the time has set in and I'm willing to give up my control. I think picking up is my biggest one. Of all the household chores...this is one that gets me. I like things picked up. I pick up Evie's toys probably 6 times a day and always before I go to bed. I like the counters cleaned off and the family room picked up. Mostly just because I hate coming down in the morning to a kichen/great room full of work and mess. Anway...enough of that crazy talk.

I've noticed Evie has a few little quirks. One of my favorites is how she collects all her things (toys, books, sippy cups- basically anything little she can handle) and puts them behind the recliners. She creates a little hovel and sits back there and plays. We bought her a princess tent for Christmas thinking she would love it...nope- she would rather play behind the recliners. Such a cutie! 

I haven't picked up any major quirks from the twins or Corynn. Except the twins prefer lettuce salads with no dressing and Corynn sleeps in the middle of her big queen bed. Don't people usually pick a side?

Emma is full of quirks...that dog is nuts! She farts stinky loud farts, demands being taking care of first thing in the morning and if she is ignored she will start barking...LOUDLY! She likes to crawl up on John's lap...62lbs does not a lap dog make! I could go on and on with her quirky attributes!

 Hey did you notice I made a list of our quirks!? too funny! 

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