Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Have you ever been asked "What's your style?" whether is be style of clothes, music or the way you decorate? Its really hard to pin point and select just one.

I've been thinking about it lately, well mostly my home decorating style. And when it comes down to it I think you have to be true in two areas to make decor work. One - be true to the house. If you live in a turn of century tudor- do justice to the house and its history. Show off the wordwork, use vintage inspired fixtures, play up its originality. Because they certainly don't make houses like that anymore. I wish I had photos of my sister in law's home. They live in a tudor and have done a beautiful job of integrating an updated traditional feel without having it feel like a museum. When decorating these houses, I'm not saying settees and chaises with paisley patterns and fringed lamp shades. It doesn't have to be full of victorian antiques- just be respectful of the era to which the house was made.

I really love (which I've seen on all the decorating/house selling shows) mid century modern homes. I could never live in one- modern isn't me. But I think they are beautiful! I always see these contemporary homes built in the 60s and so wish I could just go in and see how they've been decorated. Hoping to high heaven that the owners took full advantage of era. I've always secretly loved the colored ovens and frigs from the 50s!!! My great grandparents had an original pale yellow one with the freezer on the bottom that would pop open when you stepped on a peddle. So cool! Colored appliances! sigh!!!

I've always wanted to buy a loft space in an old downtown warehouse. Obviously that's not feasible right now with children and Emma. But someday, I think it would be fun! I love the industrial vintage look! The metals mixed with rich woods. Very cool!

I've mentioned how I want to buy a cottage in Ireland. Simple cotton and linen, natural colors, lots of light and flea market finds. It would be splendid!

NOW our house is interesting. It was built in the late 80s and has a lovely brassy essence to it. Handles, hardware, fixtures, towel rods...everything and anything is brass! Blech! We are slowly but surely remedying that situation- thank goodness! We didn't necessarily fall in love with house as much as we did the location and property. The house was adequate and had mostly everything on our want list. I say mostly because I convinced my husband we didn't need a 5th bedroom...oops! :) I'm not saying the house isn't nice, because it is! Just need to give it our touch.

I would say our house has a country inspired feel to it. Lots of oak woodwork and a traditional floorplan. The previous owners updated the kitchen with whites and blues which really plays into the country feel.

John isn't a country boy. He likes modern clean lines...which just isn't going to happen here. It wouldn't look right. But he's comfortable with what we have because so much of it is family oriented. Which brings us to the second area of truth. You have to be true to you. Family is important to me. Our house if full of family photos, heirlooms, hand me downs and kid creations. I also have it set up to function and be comfortable. We are a family...with kids...and a dog. Things and rooms need to be comfortable and inviting and accessible. I don't ever want the kids to not feel welcomed in a room because it the nice room or because they feel its off limits. I want our home to reflect us - our loves, our hobbies and our lives.

So I've decided to give a little tour of our front room.

Yes- chevron panels! Loving chevron right now...we have it sporadically placed around the house. Its youthful. We are still a young family and want that to be reflected. We also have a bench tucked under the table to allow for extra seating when needed. 

(bummer that picture is crooked...I know that is going to annoy some people. And not sure why the walls look pinkish. They are a basic off white...which will eventually change)
Sitting area: Our genealogy wall. Photos of ancestors, silhouettes and documents. The silver frame above the lamp is the marriage certificate of my great great grandma. I also like to add texture so I went with the burlap lamp shade. The reed chairs, driftwood wreath and neutral colors help cut down on the formality of the room. I don't mind mixing and matching either.  

Heirlooms and collections- this secretary belonged to John's grandma. I think of her every time I see it. The center shelf is filled with her Czech books and journals. The other two shelves display my milk glass and hobnail collection. Vintage globes for a touch of fun on top. 

Basically everything in our house has a past or reason for being displayed. Very rarely do I just go buy accessories or nick nacks to use for decor. When we go on trips, we like to buy a piece of art to display to remind us of that particular vacation. In this room, we have a water color from a local artist in Colorado that we purchased our first year vacationing there. I also use lots of photos, kids art, items from parents, gifts etc. I like to look around and have an object evoke a memory or a feeling. Our kitchen table was handed down to us by John's parents. Its the one he ate meals at growing up- and now he's sitting at with his kids. Its things like that - that I love. It is what makes a house a home. 


Sister Southern Belle said...

Love your style! You have done a great job in bringing both the past and the present together.

Audra said...

awww- thanks! I think it represents our family well!