Friday, February 08, 2013


So I have a cold. I nasty, head splitting, ear ringing, go through a box of tissue a day kind of cold. I'm rarely sick. Maybe a cold a year if that. Definitely never had the flu or any other version that may need antibiotics...and I'm really hoping this isn't one of those. So far the kids and John are all good- even Evie. So we're crossing our fingers.

Now - I'm a blower. There are three different kinds of people; a blower, a sniffler and a wiper. I blow my nose every time it runs. I hate when people sniffle is back down their throats- blech! And wipers...that's just a lost cause. You end up just wiping all day long! Might as well stick a wadded up tissue in your nose hole and plug the leak. Well, Wednesday night was pretty bad and I kept having to get up and blow my nose. I was in the privacy of my own room, I'm sick and I'm tired so I got kind of loud blowing my nose. I was just trying to get it all out so I could breathe and hopefully get a little bit of sleep. John didn't stir from his slumber or say anything after the first I just kept at it...all night long. I apologized in the morning for being so loud. The sweet husband that he is said "No big deal."

Evie has decided she is blower too! The other day she came over, grabbed a tissue, held it up to her nose and then blew a raspberry into it so that it sounded like me blowing my nose. Then she wadded it up in her tiny little hands, walked over to the trash and threw it away. So funny! She did this like ten times, with a straight face and very serious. She makes me smile.

Remember how John said "No big deal." to me honking my nose all night. Well, last night he mentions how he was conversing with a co-worker about my fog horn blowing and inability to hock a lugee. Can you imagine my horror!? Thank goodness the co-worker's wife is the same way and the consensus made was that it was a girl thing. I sweetly reminded John of little promise he made - something about " sickness and in health".

Um ya.

I know he loves me...and my fog horn honking snot spout too!

love ya, babe!

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