Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Walking Dead

We love the cable tv show- Walking Dead. Partly because the special effects are amazing and partly because its interesting to see an 'end of the world' scenario and how people might act. Its fake and could never really happen- yes I know. But you can't help but wonder what types of people are going to survive. And if their moral standards will change according to the situation. AND then there's the fact I really like Darryl! I shall learn the crossbow just because of him! :)

The show is gruesome and violent- so John and I usually prescreen the episode before letting the kiddos watch. That way I know what parts to fast forward through.

Last year we attended the local zombie fest. It was interesting. I'm definitely not a die hard zombie person. Some of those people are boarder line crazy...but think its totally awesome! And zombie walking down town with hundreds of people- so very cool!

For Christmas we were given a zombie pet as a gift. We lovingly named him Steve. He hangs out in our family room and has startled a few unsuspecting guests. We're thinking he would look awesome in the courtyard this spring and summer...maybe scare away solicitors!

And here's little Miss Evie getting in on the action

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