Monday, August 20, 2007

Are you kidding me?!

My friend was here picking up her baby when Corynn comes running into the room yelling - There's a snake in my closet!!!!!!! Get it OUT!

I tried to calm her down- and told her it was just a toy! Because there is NO WAY I would have a real snake in my house! But it wasn't really working.

As soon as Jess left- Corynn pulled me by the hand into her room. From the bedroom doorway, she pointed to the closet and said, "Its in there!"

"Where 'in there'?"

"Ugh, Mom! Just use my light and pull the cord all the way so it reaches the closet and look in the back.. The waaaayyy back"

"ok ok"

I reach behind the foot locker in the bottom of the closet and pull out....

a shoe!

Then I find a little horse. "There is nothing in here, Corynn!"

"oh yes there is! A snake- and a good mom would find it and take it away!"

The guilt trips are starting already!
So I look again and low and behold there is a snake! A tiny itty bitty plastic snake. I hold it up and ask her if this is it- she's now hiding in the bathroom at this point. So I open the bathroom door and show her that I have it- She responds by letting out a horrific scream and then slams the door shut on my hand. As my hand is being crushed in the door - I accidentally drop the snake inside the bathroom. She freaks out- backs up into the shower curtain over the side of the bathtub and the shower curtain rod then comes crashing down on top of her. She is, of course, screaming the whole time.

What was all of this about?

This tiny itty bitty piece of plastic. kids! (me rolling my eyes)


Kris said...

You just gotta love them!

wendysue said...

that is hilarious!! Of course, it ends up with her in the tub and the shower curtain crashing down!!

Lindsey said...

that is just too funny!