Friday, August 17, 2007

New Cousin en route!!!

John's brother and his wife are expecting baby #2 any day now! We have all known about this baby since the announcement last Christmas- so it has been a super long wait! I am one who hates to wait (the whole no patience thing!). Its another boy- so she is pretty much set- but its always fun to spoil the new baby. In trying to find some great gifts, I have stumbled across some of these websites that I just have to share!

and my all time favorite- ( I am definitely buying some of these for my new nephew for Christmas!!!!!!)

Here are some of the latest pix of the 'cousins' before the new one arrives.

Hurry on up little Ryan Patrick- we can't wait to meet you!


wendysue said...

Those shirts were funny. . how about the one that said "If you think I'm gassy, you should meet my uncle???" :)

Audra said...

They are super cute- there is one that says- Don't look at me, that smells coming from my grandpa!

ha ha ha!

kris said...

I didn't know she was preggers again! How exciting! You are such a good aunt- and I love that last website! Classic!

Audra said...


Ryan Patrick was born today 8/21/07

7lbs 8oz