Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nine Years

Nine years ago- John and I had a busy summer! He moved back from college, I graduated, we had the twins and got married! Alot for a young couple to deal with! We have had our ups and downs. At one point we had pretty much decided to go our separate ways. But something changed, we both grew up, admitted we were wrong and decided to make it work. Almost immediately after agreeing to make the marriage work- we found out we were pregnant again- no pressure or anything! :)

It was the best thing that could of happened to us and our marriage is the best its ever been. Last night I had an emotional break down and needed someone to talk too. I let loose on John- half way expecting him to tell me I was overreacting and to just let it go. Even if I was - I didn't want him to tell me that- I needed him to tell me it would be ok. He did one better- he said exactly what I wanted to hear, what I needed to hear! I love him dearly! He truly is my best friend!

Happy anniversary! I know its a little early- but things always get crazy over the holiday weekend- love ya...more!


JK said...

Happy anniversary to you to! Are we still trying to figure out who loves each other more, you know its me. I Love You Audra

lindsey said...

gag me!

HA HA! Just kidding! That's sweet! Congrats you two!

Amanda said...

Don't you love those moments when they say the right thing!!! Happy Anniversary!