Sunday, August 12, 2007


John just received his anniversary and Christmas gifts all in one shot last week. He has been ranting and raving about wanting a security system. I have never felt the need- our neighborhood is super safe and has virtually no crime. But we are traveling more and accumulating more valuables. Plus we were recently screwed over by a contractor we hired to put in an egress window. He took our money and ran. He is self employed and his references checked out just fine. But I guess you just never know...

Anyway we are taking him to small claims court... basically suing him. And I was a little freaked out about retaliation or something. So I gave into John's wanting of the security system last week when he asked again. Its nice and gives me a piece a mind. Especially at night when John is away on business. Plus we get a discount on home insurance. Hopefully it will also add value when it comes time to sell- but in the mean time, I am happy we got it!

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kris said...

cool! we have been thinking of getting one. Actually John has been. Funny how men think that's so important. Let us know what you think.