Thursday, August 30, 2007

Off to Mahoney State Park

This weekend is the big annual get together with my side of the family. Just my mom, my brothers and their families - but trust me that's enough to cause chaos and mayhem!

My mom rents two big cabins right next to each other. There are no real set cabins- you just find a bed and stake a claim. The kids love being with the cousins, sleeping in tents and having sleep overs in the cabins. They go exploring in the woods and bring back all types of interesting stuff. We play cards and argue. Actually just my brothers and I argue/fight. I think it has something to do with how we grew up... not sure. But its basically our version of communication - which is completely crazy. Especially for our spouses...all they can do is hang on for the ride.

Usually there are no big plans- just a long weekend to do nothing, hang out and enjoy family. There is alot to do at Mahoney- if you so desire. This year we are taking all the kids to Husker Nation for the game and the guys (John and my brothers) are going to the game on Saturday. Then on Sunday we are going to the waterpark/pool at Mahoney. Hope it warms up some more!

Those are the plans- I'll let you know how it goes...if we all survive!

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Audra said...

We survived- more info in future post