Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Way back when....

The girls and I are still in GI town. We are staying at my mom's house- she is out of town on business. So the girls and I have the house to ourselves. We got home from dinner with my grandparents about 8pm- and immediately became bored. The girls have been here for a week and a half... and by now have played with all the 'fun stuff' gma owns. So I went with Corynn to find some stuffed animals in my old bedroom. My 'old' bedroom is pretty much exactly how I left it when I moved out ten years ago. My bulletin board is still up with all my friends school pictures, some of my swimming ribbons, a balloon on a stick that I received from a secret admirer in 8th grade (which is still inflated- by the way!!) and a few bunches of dried roses that John gave me before he left for college. Not to mention all of my stuffed animals- which were put up on a shelf when I was 8 and really had been touched until the twins came along.

Corynn couldn't find anything she liked so I started looking through the dressers and I found a photo album. It was a photo album that I had put together for a YW project. It spanned three years (1993-1996) of my teenage experience. I had so much fun going through it with the girls and showing them pictures of a younger me and their uncles and grandparents. There was a photo of me with a boy at a dance and the girls nearly passed out when they realized it wasn't their dad. I had to explain it was before I met John- they were just too funny... shaking their heads in disgust!

I was in gymnastics and tap when I was Corynn's age- and I found some of my old costumes from my recitals. Corynn put a few on- it was too cute!

As I was looking through the pictures, I found myself wishing I could go back and do it all over with what I know now. I was so insecure in jr. highschool. I can't believe that now- how could I have been so quiet and shy. I became more outspoken in highschool- but those pictures just brought back those memories of jr high- crazy how pics can do that!

Its fun to walk down memory lane and remember what you thought was important (oh and the lovely early 90s hairstyle with the big bangs! Gotta love that!) Things change so much in 14 years- yet so much stays the same ... like my room :o) !

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Lindsey said...

That is just too sweet! You are lucky! My mom packed all my stuff up and its in the attic.