Monday, August 20, 2007

Sights and Sounds from the First Day of School

let the craziness begin!

"Are you really going to wear that? Those shorts sooooooooo do not go with that shirt! Even Puka would know that!"

(neither would give in so they both ended up wearing same shirt. I know it wasn't because they both liked the shirt- it was just to spite the other one. Twins are just so lovely at times! :D )

"I have to wear my gym shoes for PE today- do they really go with this outfit or should I wear my sandals and bring my running shoes in backpack? beacause I can and it would be alright!"

"OK, mom, your right! I think its time for a bra!"

Kwynn was running around trying to find her chapter books. That girl won't leave the house unless she has something to read. When I asked her why she needed three books for the first the day of school - she said, "I am reading all of them. When one gets a little boring- then I switch to the next one." She looked just like Nancy (my mother-in-law) when she said that! So cute!
McKynna: "You know how she is about her books" complete with eye roll!

Despite everything- this morning went really well. Its amazing how kids just fall back into routines. The girls even made their own lunches- which was nice!

Kwynn was a little anxious last night and couldn't sleep- but I am sure she'll feel better after experiencing the first day. She's always been the more emotional one.
The mommy moment of the morning: I wanted to take their picture- like I always do on the first day. And they gave me the "ohhhhhhh mommmmmmmm!" Then when I dropped them off at school- I thought I would go up with them and take a few pics with them and their friends. They instantly nixed that idea - I didn't even make it out of the car and they were off mingling. They just grow up too darn fast!

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Lindsey said...

I know! Cayden is in the 1st grade! Holy COW! And Ella really wanted to go with him today. She cried a bit- wanting her big brother.