Thursday, August 09, 2007

Favorite Season

I was reminded several times today why FALL is my most favorite season.

1. I was reminded how much I love the cool crisp autumn weather and northern breezes when I opened the door to let Emma out this morning (6:30 am) and almost passed out. It was already 82 degrees with 68 percent humidity.

2. Preseason NFL was on tonight- I am a football fanatic! Predominantly Husker football- but have fallen into NFL when Husker isn't available. Fall is full of weekend football parties and tailgating nights with the girls! Super fun! Not to mention watching all the games! College ball on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays and Mondays!

3. School is in session- the girls are going crazy and so am I. We desperately need school to start. Today was particularly bothersome. Fall brings nice quiet days with kids at school!

4. Fun outdoors. I really wanted to take Emma to the dog park and help Kynna with her soccer skills- but it is just too hot and sticky. I am ready to go in after just 10 minutes. The kids beg to play outside- then I let them and they are coming back in - in less than 15 minutes with bright red faces and dripping with sweat. In the fall we can all go out in the backyard or to the dog park and have fun as a family. We are starting daily family walks with Emma around the neighborhood. It will become more routine when the weather cools a little.

5. Plants- I looked outside at my sun burnt grass and withering flowers and was reminded how much I love fall and the mums. It reminds me of our wedding- we were married outside Labor Day weekend. Nine years next month (awwwwwwwww!)

6. Halloween- I just received a catalog for Halloween party supplies. I love making Halloween costumes and planning Halloween parties for the girls and their friends. I also love going to the pumpkin patch, picking out pumpkins, having bon fires and making smores!

7. Thanksgiving...I saw a yummy recipe for a grilled Thanksgiving dinner. Cooking everything outside on grills and fire. And I was reminded how much I love being with family. Or maybe just the idea of being together with the whole family! I love my in-laws and being with them. I also love my mom and grandparents! Spending time with them is awesome! I love my brothers and their families- its just things get a little unstable when we are all together.

--- Psychological interpretation of #7: I never really had the whole family together in harmony when I was growing up. It was just us three kids and my mom. She did her best with what she had- and it was great! But we weren't close to any extended family. And my brothers and I fight... I mean FIGHT! We just like to argue and we know how to hit each others buttons. Not to mention we are never wrong about anything... so you can see why we argue so much! And I don't even think we mean to argue- it just inevitably happens... every time! That being said- I think I am trying to compensate for the family traditions I lacked as a child. Still not sure if its family or the idea of a harmonious family gathering- either way I like Thanksgiving for that reason!

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Lindsey said...

I love autumn too! mostly because of NE football and the lovely weather. I used to love summer- but your favorites change with age.