Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Customer Complaint

We took Emma to get her usual bath and brush at Pet Co on south 56th last Friday. I had all three girls plus the baby I watch when I dropped Emma off. Trying to get her in the place was crazy! She kept resisting and running in circles around me with the leash. I was already stressed so I thought I was just over-reacting. We picked her up two hours later and she looked BEAUTIFUL! And even had little blue bows in her hair.

I immediately noticed she was more somber than usual. She didn't really want to be part of the family. When she didn't run to meet John at the door- we started to suspect something wasn't right. At first we thought she was sick or ate something she shouldn't have. So we let her be for the night.

But it continued all weekend. She would just lay in her kennel (the door was open) and wouldn't let any of us touch her and yelped when John tried to brush her or pet her back. She couldn't sit and wouldn't eat much. We were really worried. We thought maybe she was put with another dog while being groomed and got beat up - or that they were rough with her or restrained her too tight. So John called on Sunday and talked to both the store manager and grooming manager. Both said that there were no incidents and it was noted she was a sweet dog.

I finally called yesterday when she still hadn't come out of her funk. It was obvious they had hurt her and she was sore. The call started out nice until I lost it and yelled when they offered us free grooming- uhhhhhhhh! I am pretty sure you hurt my dog and you think I am going to bring her back to you??? NO thanks!

Finally tonight she let us pet her- and while doing so we noticed scabs all over her chest, neck and back. Tiny pussy scabs where hair had been ripped out. Some were still oozing. I cannot tell you how upset I was.

A little while ago my anger turned to concern. So I will end up calling Petco again tomorrow and telling them- at least so they can watch the groomer who cared for Emma. And I am also telling everyone I know- the whole experience stunk!


Deb said...

When Jonzy was a puppy, we took him to Petco or Pet Smart to get him groomed.... he was just too hyper for us to contain him in the tub at home and the price was right. However, in the last 6 months I have been grooming him at home because there were a couple incidents where I felt they hadn't actually groomed him. Yeah, he smelled good, but he would still have rawhide all over his forearms from the bone he was chewing on the night before.

Sorry to hear about Emma and I hope she's doing better.

Lindsey said...

How crappy! I would call and complain- in fact I feel like it and she's not even my dog! Poor thing!

Let me know how it ends up!

Audra said...

The manager wouldn't call me back yesterday-