Friday, August 24, 2007

Ok- its official.....I am going crazy!

The day started off normal enough. Woke up, showered, put in a load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, let Emma out, woke up the girls, made lunches, took trash to the curb, fed Kayin, got breakfast out, woke up Corynn, got her dressed, fixed everyone's hair, switched laundry to dryer and then loaded everyone into the van for school. Just like every other day!

But today- on the way to school, we got stuck in traffic near Normal and 56th. We usually miss it, but we were running just a few minutes later than usual. As I sat in traffic, I looked at this beautifully landscaped yard with nicely manicured trees and shrubs and bright green grass. The flowers were still beautiful and vibrant- AND THEN THERE IT WAS! One of my biggest annoyances! A volunteer tree was sprouting out of bush!!!! Now I know what you are thinking- YEP you are crazy!

But bare with me and let me explain. What annoys me about volunteer trees is when there is just one lone tree sprouting in a place it doesn't belong. Its like the stray eyebrow hair that wandered out of line. Or the chocolate smudge on a child's face. Or a weed growing in your yard. You just want to pick it and fix it!

As I sat there I seriously started to wonder if I should carry my clippers in my van so that I could get these rogue saplings- because its obvious no one else will. And its only the single volunteer trees that annoy me. My neighbor has one growing out their hostas and its like four feet tall. How hard is it to clip the stupid thing- SNIP! drag to trash! DONE! And its especially annoying when the yard is beautiful and obviously well cared for except for this one tree. Its like they missed the five foot tall volunteer sprouting out of the mums. RIGHT!? How can you miss that!

WELL- after writing this blog and having a little DrP. I have calmed down and come to my senses. I am crazy and/or have a serious case of OCD-type 2 (I have actually looked this up and its the variant type of OCD that causes a person to have everything in line, needing things to be in equal numbers, perfectly straight rows, very organized- not so much the cleaning part of OCD- just the THIS IS HOW IT HAS TO BE part) And some of you just thought I was controlling- nope, it may be a disease! :O)

Then again- it might be that I have tried to give up soda. I quit cold turkey on Sunday and then broke down on Wednesday night. Then I decided just caffeine free soda- which I think are responsible for the headaches and psychosis! Which would fit- since I came to my senses after having a DrP!! hmmmmm....

Anyway my final thought...

Kids, Just say no to Soda! or you may become a clipper-wilding obsessive compulsive! :o)


Lindsey said...

you are so funny! ocd type 2 psychosis- haha! You seriously crack me up!

kris said...

That's just too funny! You are just crazy silly- that's what I love about you!