Sunday, August 12, 2007

Its been such a busy week!!!!!

A friend of mine from highschool just moved back to Lincoln from Chicago. She is teaching for LPS and just had a baby- that's her! A little girl and she doesn't really know of any good daycares that she could get into right away- and this being their first baby- are very protective! So I offered to watch her and I started last week. Its not really hard- just different! My kids are so self sufficient- its hard getting back into the baby routine.

She is a great baby and it gives us a chance to feel out potentially having another child with out actually committing! Which is kind of nice!

The girls are anxiously awaiting school! One more week!!!! And this week should go by fast! We are super busy with a zoo function, open house at the school, watching the baby, soccer practice and the girls have a party Friday night. Then Saturday is Kynna's first soccer game- its a morning game... thank goodness! But some of her games are at 2pm - ughhh! Poor girl! Its good she loves the sport!

Summer is almost over...


Rachel said...

You would have 3 awesome helpers if you had another baby! Bekah was six when we had Jonah and she was able to hold him and calm him when I couldn't! She was even better with Sam.

Audra said...

I know.... the thing is I want another baby but can we we handle another baby? That is the question- emotionally, mentally and financially... the list goes on when you consider having another child. The girls are great though with the baby I am watching. Its really cute and they would make excellent big sisters! All of them- we'll see what happens. It would be nice to have a baby that people are excited about when you tell them- rather than surprise mixed with criticism. Who knows...what happens - happens. It will all work out.